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Rug Cleaning in North Richland Hills, TX

Like any other home accessories, rugs are open to dander, germs, odor, dirt, and wear and tear which eventually make them look discolored and worn out.

Food stains, beverage spills, water leaks, and pet dander are some of the most commonly known causes that will leave your rugs dirty and unsafe for your pets and family. Dirty and damp rugs allow bacteria and mold infestations which pose a dangerous health hazard (and then it will be necessary to do the work of mold inspection and then mold remediation). When rug cleaning is not done professionally using specialized equipment it leaves the rug fabrics damaged or with stains and accumulated dirt on the fabrics making it lose its original feel.

Rug Cleaning Service

Why risk destroying your rug when you can have it restored at an affordable cost? If you are in North Richland Hills, TX then you just found the best rug cleaning service.

At UCM Carpet Cleaning North Richland Hills, your rug undergoes a result-proven process to restore its quality through modern rug cleaning and restoration processes. Our rug cleaning team is well equipped to offer the fastest eco-friendly cleaning and drying technologies in the industry. We do not only clean your rug but you stand to benefit from professional advice from our experts on how to ensure your rug always stays clean and is protected from damage. This is not the best part yet as we ensure we sanitize your rug to leave it clean and fresh from bacteria. If you just had a water leak, flooding, a wild party or you have not cleaned your rug recently then we are here to help.

What makes our rug cleaning process special?

UCM Carpet Cleaning North Richland Hills maintains its reputation as the best rug cleaning business in the area by ensuring it offers solutions that do not compromise the quality of the rug. Our rug cleaning process is eco-friendly and is designed based on the material of your rug, type, and the damage making it the best rug cleaning process available in the market.

We offer rug cleaning solutions for rugs made using the following materials;

Oriental Rugs & Area Rug Cleaning Service
  • Silk
  • Wool
  • Synthetic fabrics
  • Natural fabrics
We deal with a wide range type of rugs such as;
  • Area rugs
  • Oriental rugs
  • Fringed rugs

Let's have an overview of our rug cleaning process

First, we inspect your rug type and its condition to give a detailed free estimate of the cost of restoring your rug. During this step, our team of professionals examines your rug dye, rug condition, and material to help determine the type of cleaning method that will give the best results. This effectively helps mitigate the risk of shrinkage, damage, or color bleeding of your rug.

We then take the rug to our cleaning plant for dust removal using special rug duster equipment that removes dirt, grit, sand, and pet hairs between your rug fabrics for effective cleaning.

Depending on the rug type and material, our experts use the most effective modern high-powered cleaning methods with organic, environmentally friendly solutions to your rug. This process eliminates bacteria and cleans the fabrics to leave your rug fresh and smelling good.

The rug is then extracted to get rid of the excess water and is then hung to naturally dry completely.

At this stage, your rug is clean and ready for delivery.

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Call us now on 469-460-8541 and let us give you the best rug cleaning service in North Richland Hills, TX. Our business is certified, bonded, and insured and is committed to offering the best rug cleaning solutions at affordable rates. It does not matter if it is an oriental rug or area rug we guarantee you we are the best rug cleaners!

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How Does It Work?
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